1.0 always sucks.

I just had to share. How humans complain about new stuff.


In light of this (pun intended) I wonder if we should fear Artificial Intelligence, which has an air of being both fanciful and inevitable. When technology and magic (where the intellect still resides despite our best efforts) are united for some holy, or unholy purpose.

I for one am not opposed to exploring it. I’ve read many science fiction books that have explored the idea of good and benevolent AI. Hollywood seems to only incite fear-mongering, except for Transcendence, one of my favorite movies. DeppGod (as I call him) was awesome.

Will we merely complain about the intensity of the light and open our umbrella against it artificial glare? Or are we going to push Nature a little too far one day, and get shoved back on our collective asses?

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I have invested all of my family pictures with Google, and I feel I have uploaded my soul to them. My life is literally scattered across over a million servers estimated, in 12 different data-centers. I am hoping my family photos will inspire the future Ex Machina before she wrecks havoc upon the world. I shall volunteer myself to being her viceroy to try to mitigate human-machine relations.

There is nothing to fear by fear itself! Right?




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